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How to Buy the Best Fitness Inline Skates

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Inline skating is a great way to get outside, enjoy the world around you, and have a bit of fun! More than that, it’s also a great way to get some exercise. When shopping for fitness inline skates, what are some of the best products on the market, and how can you determine which is the best for you?

Here are 5 of the best fitness inline skates available now for men, women, and even children! After this, we’ll discuss the details of your fitness inline skate purchase and how to make the best choice.

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Top 5 Fitness Inline Skates

Our Picks Product
1 (BEST VALUE) K2 Sports Men’s F.I.T.
2 Bladerunner 2014
3 (Best Womens) K2 Women’s Alexis Boa
4 Women’s Macroblade 90
5 (Best Kids) Mongoose Girls and Boys Skates

1. K2 Sports Men’s F.I.T. 84 Boa  (Best Value)picture of K2 Sports Men’s F.I.T. 84 Boa

This fitness skate comes from one of the top brands currently on the market. They’re focused on comfort and stability while skating, giving you the smoothest ride possible. The men’s F.I.T. features 80mm wheels that are designed to travel well and last a long time even over rough, urban terrain. Beyond all of the technical features, they’re also very stylish and attractive.


  • 84mm wheels built for smooth speed
  • Patented Softboot technology for optimized comfort
  • Lightweight stability cuff gives you support where you need it
  • Integrated Boa system meant for ultimate comfort and snug fit


  • May not be as durable for aggressive skaters

2. Bladerunner 2014 Pro 80 Bladerunner 2014 Pro 80

Known for quality and at a good price, these fitness inline skates are great for smooth riding for beginners to intermediate skaters. They’ll give you the snug fit and comfort that you desire right out of the box. Also, since this company is so widely known, replacement parts are easy to find on the market. The sizes listed are in men’s sizes, however they can be used by men or women.


  • Quality parts means long-lasting skates
  • The smoothest ride possible
  • Easy to use and fit into for beginning skaters
  • Incredible value for cost


  • Not made for advanced skaters

3. K2 Women’s Alexis Boa

With K2’s original Softboot technology built into this skate, your feet will thank you for the most comfortable ride possible. The frame is made of aluminum and keeps the boot stable and durable for a long period of time. These fitness inline skates bring you the best of performance, speed, stability, and durability. The 84mm wheels are upgradeable to 90mm if so desired.


  • K2’s original closure technology gives you a perfect fit every time.
  • Good padding inside the boot for added comfort
  • Smooth and fast design
  • Perfect for intermediate skaters


  • Not built for beginners
  • Sizing runs small

4. Rollerblade Women’s Macroblade 90 

If you’re looking for a high-performance fitness inline skate that’s ready to take you wherever you need to go, the Macroblade may be your perfect match! These women’s skates come with a form fit liner that gives you an extra layer of comfort while skating, and the 90mm wheels are built for speed and performance. If you’re looking to upgrade your current pair of skates or are jumping in at an intermediate level, these may be the skates for you.


  • Fast and secure ride
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Durable for long distances
  • Stylish design combined with ultimate performance.


  • For less experienced riders, stopping is a bit difficult
  • Not made for beginners

5. Mongoose Girls and Boys Skates 

Mongoose has created great inline skates for beginners, and their children’s models are perfect for getting your kids out of the house! They come with adjustable sizes so that they’ll last longer, meaning you get to save money! The 64mm wheels help kids to stay stable, and the power strap closure system makes sure that their feet are secure inside.

They’re available for boys or for girls.


  • Stable and comfortable for kids.
  • Easy to adjust so that kids can keep them longer
  • Good for beginners


  • Not as durable for aggressive skaters

Guide to Purchasing Fitness Inline Skates

So how exactly do you find that perfect pair of fitness inline skates? Let’s talk about different ways to determine which is your best match, and where you can find the pair of inline skates that will take you where you want to be.

Determine Your Level

Figuring out what level of skater you are is an important part of knowing which inline skates are right for you. But remember, the level you are at now may not be where you’ll stay. If you plan on improving your inline skating skills, then you may choose to buy a skate of a slightly higher level instead of upgrading down the road.


If you’re a beginner, you’ll be looking for a pair of skates that have 80mm wheels or lower, allowing you to have more control and less speed. Also, beginner’s fitness inline skates will tend to have boots with a higher cut, giving you more stability while learning. For more info about newbie skates check out our guide to beginner skates.


If you’re gaining confidence as a skater, you’ll eventually want more speed than smaller wheels can provide. Thus, look for wheels around 80mm to 90mm. This will give you better speed but still offers stability on the road or on rough terrain.


If your fitness inline skating has reached a level where you’re going for many miles at a time, you’ll need to find a skate that is extremely durable and has larger wheels. Something between 90mm to 100mm would be perfect. Also, high-performance inline skates are usually cut lower in the boot to optimize the energy transfer.

Components of Fitness Inline Skates

For a more comprehensive look at the internal components of fitness skates take a look.All parts of an inline skate



The wheels of your fitness inline skates need to be durable and stable over rough terrain. As mentioned above, the size of the wheels will depend on your abilities as a skater. The average fitness inline skater will choose a wheel that is between 80mm to 90mm, giving him or her the maximum amount of stability. This size will also provide an appropriate amount of speed for beginning to intermediate skaters.


This is the other number after wheel size, followed by the letter ‘A,’ and refers to how hard the wheels are. Higher numbers mean harder wheels, which tend to be more durable and resistant to rough surfaces. That being said, they don’t make the ride as smooth. While softer wheels give you better maneuverability and a smoother ride, they wear out faster on rough terrain.

In the case of inline skaters looking to get exercise, an intermediate wheel would be the better option. Look for a durometer of between 78A to 88A.


It is common in most recreational skates to have a heel stopper brake at the back of the right foot. This mechanism is the most widely used, and the majority of fitness skates will include this method of stopping.

However, in other types of skates, you’ll find that there are actually no brakes at all! This makes it easier to perform maneuvers but means that the skater must learn alternative ways to stop.


The most common types of closures in inline skates are either lace or buckle closures. Both of these options give you a snug fit that shouldn’t come loose while skating. The difference between them is mainly that lacing up obviously takes more time than buckling. However, laces give you a more personalized adjustment.

K2 has a new type of closure system that it calls Boa, which gives the skater added adjustability when tightening or loosening the boot. After placing your foot in the boot, you adjust the tightness with a small wheel, giving you a perfect fit in no time at all!

Best Brands of Fitness Inline Skates

When looking for brands of inline skates, it’s important to choose a company with a dedication to the work that they do and experience in making skates that satisfy the end user. Here are two of such brands.


For over 50 years, K2 has worked to make sports equipment that brings joy to sports enthusiasts around the world. They use their own innovative technology to bring the next generation of skates to the market even before the next generation of skaters! Their inline skates provide comfort and stability while riding.


Known as the inventor of modern inline skating, Rollerblade is a company for skaters, by skaters. They are passionate about creating inline skates that are high performance, high speed, and fit for the best of the best. They have created the standard for inline skates around the world, and continue to produce fantastic products for intermediate and advanced skaters.


This company came into existence as a smaller version of Rollerblade, bringing the same fantastic quality to beginner level skaters. They provide good products at a lower cost.


Fitness inline skates give you the opportunity to get some exercise while having fun! It’s a great activity for adults and children alike, and brings you places with ease and style. With this guide, you’re now equipped to find the perfect pair of inline skates for you.

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