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Best Jam Skates to Party and Look Awesome 2017

Jam skates are those made for a wide number of activities, done while skating. Coming from the slang term “jam,” meaning to dance, jam skating has become very popular. Any sort of dancing or gymnastics that are performed on skates requires balance, stability, and a great pair of jam skates!

There are many different pairs of jam skates on the market; the best five picks can be seen below.

Finding the right pair of jam skates is critical. Below, you will find the best pairs that are currently on the market. In addition, each pick will have the pros/cons for each pair of skates.

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Also, there is a buying guide below to help you figure out what to look for when buying your next pair of jam skates!

Top 5 Best Jam Skates

Number Model
1 Riedell 796 Black & White
2 Vanilla The Tuxedos
3 G80 Knight Rider
4 Vanilla Denim Jam Skates
5 Epic Super Nitro Rainbow

1. Riedell 796 Black & White Hybrid Custom Quad Jam Speed Skates Riedell 796 Jam Skates

The 796 skate, made by Riedell, is a perfect choice for jam skating. The wheels for these skates are a bit slick, out of the box, be prepared. However, once you’re used to the wheels, you will soon be enjoying the best set of jam skates available.

Featuring metal double action trucks and black sonar Cayman wheels, the 796 Custom Quad Jam Speed Skates are the total package. These skates are created to be comfortable and to last a long time, making them an excellent choice if you are in need of quality jam skates.


ABEC 5 Bearings – If you want a speedier skate, the Riedell 796 Quad Jam skates have you covered. The bearings featured in this skate are well-known to provide a nice constant pace.

PowerDyne Toe Stops – The toe tops in this skate are perfect for needing to make those fast stops in a safe manner.


Sizing Issues – Some customers reported that this skate fits a little too snug. You may consider ordering up a size if interested in these skates.

2. Vanilla The Tuxedos Jam Skates Vanilla Tuxedo Jam Skating Gear Review

Featuring a fully stitched rubber outer sole and skate shoe lining, the Tuxedos are very durable skates. A first of its brand, these skates have 5-degree action to provide you with better overall stability. The exclusive Vanilla jam plugs have actually been tested by Team Vanilla, not a feat other skate brands can offer. Speedier skaters will welcome the inclusion of ABEC-9 bearings within the Tuxedo model. Made to actually look like the design of a tuxedo, these skates will add a touch of class to your next jam skating session.


Lifetime warranty on wheels – One major problem with skates is having wheels that become worn down. The VNLA company proudly offers lifetime guarantees for their wheels.

Great mix of comfort and protection- The soft cone shaped cushions provide more than enough padding. On the outside of the skate, the sturdy rubber outer shell will keep your feet nice and secure.


Narrow fit – Those needing a wider skate won’t find that the Tuxedo Jam Skates are a good fit.

Plug quality – One customer reported that the jam plugs feel a little cheap, this was a rare mention, no incidents regarding the plugs failing has occurred.

3. Labeda Jam Skates Review 2017 G80 Knight Rider Leather Jam Skate 

Designed for a wide array of surfaces, the Knight Rider Jam Skate is extremely versatile. These skates are made of high-quality leather and offer great comfort and protection. The wideness of the Labeda Fan Jet wheels is perfect for sharp turns.

In addition, the Labeda Grabber, the toe stops made for the Knight Rider skates will slow you down without flipping you over! These skates are only available in black, which means this skate doesn’t have the color range of other models.   


Wide Labeda Jet Fan wheels – Offering additional stability and control, these wheels are amazing. The added stability helps the Knight Rider navigate quick turns.

Low-cut Boot  – One thing that jam skate wearers know all about is the pain of limited mobility. This skate is low-cut, offering your ankles more room to move.


Lack of color choice – Only available in black, those wanting colorful skate options might be dissatisfied.

The narrowness of the skate- Most customers have been very satisfied with the Knight Rider skates, but their fit isn’t perfect for those with wide feet.

4. Vanilla Denim Jam Skates (Best Value)Vanilla Denim Jam Skates Review

We’ve all been in a pair of skates that don’t look good. Luckily, the Vanilla Denim Jam Skates offer denim and leather in a can’t miss combination. A nylon Gorilla frame and 5-degree action will have you able to jam skate like a pro.

ABEC-7 bearings offer a good mix of speed, while still allowing you to effectively jam skate. Vanilla jam plugs will ensure that you are able to slow down, should things get too fast!


The quality of components – All new and upgraded aluminum trucks, micro-adjustable locknut/washer, and 62mm backspin wheels all add up to create a one of a kind pair of jam skates.

Exclusive design – Breaking away from the same old fare, the Vanilla Denim Jam Skates are made of actual denim and leather.


Different bearings than listing- The biggest complaint from customers was that some were reporting these skates to have ABEC-7 bearings, different from the ABEC-9s that were originally advertised.

The fit of the skate – A wide number of customers have stated that they needed to order one size up when compared to their shoe size.  

5. Epic Super Nitro Rainbow Indoor / Outdoor Quad Roller Speed Skate w/ Jam Plugs Epic Super Nitro Rainbow Indoor Jam Review

The Epic skates company has thrown together an impressive bundle that had to be included in this list. This set of Nitro skates actually includes their own set of jam plugs. Featuring ABEC-5 8mm precision bearings and 95A rainbow wheels, these skates are made for all kinds of skating. The Nitro skates fit incredibly well, and the padded collar adds an extra layer of comfort.  


Amount of Extras – This listing features goodies that will make you wish every other skate brand would do. Featuring a pair of skates, a skate bag, jam plugs, and two pairs of laces, the extras features here are quite nice.

Switchable Plugs – The Epic Nitro skates are extremely versatile. Having the luxury of being able to switch out equipment allows you to use these skates for different types of skating.


Bearings Not the Best for Top Speed – Most users love the ABEC-5 bearings for jam skating. However, those looking to reach extremely fast speeds in these skates could be disappointed.

Jam Skate Product Buying Guide

When selecting the right jam skate, comfort will be a very important concern. You’ll want to pick jam skates that are low-cut, as they enable your ankles to move more freely. Good range of motion is a must when jam skating.

Since jam skates are made differently from other types of skates, always make sure that your skates have a dance plug, in place of a toe stop.

There are a few brands that you’ll want to be on the lookout for when selecting a pair of jam skates.

The Vanilla brand is probably the most well-known out there, creating many different jam skate models.

Considering that their skates are designed and tested by a team of skaters, it’s no wonder their brand is so popular among jam skaters. Labeda is a company that has been around for four generations, always looking to innovate in the best way possible. Having an in-house research and development department means that Labeda creates some of the coolest jam skates out there.

Finally, Riedell is another well-known creator of jam skates. Featuring an unmatched knack for customization, Riedell skates are ones that can really express your personality. Paul Riedell, the founder of this company, is actually an inductee into both the roller and ice skating Hall of Fame.

The previously mentioned three brands are the most well-known and best manufacturers of jam skates. As far as price is concerned, these will vary from skate to skate.

If you want to get a new pair of quality jam skates, you could spend anywhere from $50-$250.


In closing, jam skating has certainly grown in popularity over the years. Grabbing one of the best jam skates is a great way to prepare yourself for this incredibly fun form of skating. Riedell skates were able to take the top spot, but there really isn’t a bad pick in this entire list. All jam skates on this list were picked because they are made well, are affordably priced, and offer an excellent range of motion.

If you are all about style, be sure to check out the Vanilla brand of jam skates. The Denim and Tuxedo models from Vanilla placed especially well on this list. No matter which skates you choose remember that Jam skating is all about having fun!

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