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Best Aggressive Inline Skates Used by Pros 2017

Aggressive Inline Skates Review

I love rollerblading or inline skating. I loved ice skating in the winter, so I needed to find a comparable summer sport.  I found it: Inline skating or rollerblading. If you know how to ice skate, then inline skating will not be a problem.

I’ve gone through a few pairs of regular inline skates. My favorites are Bauer and K2. You can jump stairs and curbs with them. You can also get a great workout. Ultimately, the kind of skating you want to do determines what you buy.

There are many different brands of inline skates sold on  Men, women and children, all fall under specific size guidelines, but mostly it is a matter of personal taste. Do you want to skate aggressively and do stunts or maybe play roller hockey and speed race?

For more great reviews of skating products check out:

Aggressive inline skates are built for performing stunts:  Grinding on rails or ledges, jumping over gaps or drops, or basically taking a beating.

Top 5 Aggressive Inline Skates

Number Model
1 (Best Value) USD Realm Aggressive Inline
2 USD Aggressive Skates
3 Razor Genesys 11
4 Razor Cult Street
5 Valo V13 Maroon

1. USD Realm Aggressive Inline Skates  (Best Value)USD Realm Aggressive Inline Skates Review

This skate is a great entry into aggressive level skate without the expense of the Pro version. The USD Realm has a comfortable USD liner, Pro Team wheels, a classic frame and is extremely lightweight. It’s affordable and great for all levels of skaters with varying skills.


  • Smooth ride
  • Skate everyday
  • Affordable


  • Wheels not durable
  • Boot not comfortable

2. USD Aggressive Skates WHITE 

USD AEON 60mm Aggressive Skates Review

This popular skate comes with a Unibody construction, low center of gravity, bearing-packed wheels and a Skinny Boy Liner. What makes this skate different from all others, is that the shell, soleplate, and frame are all one solid piece. This is a lighter skate with less hardware which gives you more control. It also comes with a new Aeon Shock absorber, a Velcro power strap, and adjustable cuff.


  • Great aggressive feel
  • Break-in quickly
  • Look good
  • Solid feel


  • Cheap
  • Uncomfortable

3. Razor Genesys 11 Aggressive Skates Razor Genesys 11 Aggressive Skates Review

A very popular mid-ranged price with ground control frames and anti-rockers.  Popular for all skill levels. Parts are easily replaceable and accessible. They are feather-light and perfect for grinding or backsliding. You have more control with boot tricks, and these skates take no time at all to break-in.



  • Comfortable fit
  • Good flex
  • Lightweight
  • Good looking


  • Wheels and bearings

4. Razor Cult Street Aggressive Skates  

Razor Cult Street Aggressive Skates Review

This is a premium skate that is popular for its’ lightweight and simple design. It has recently had a resurgence because of its’ design. It has a new and improved look, and parts can be replaced and customized. It has a Razor Team liner for utmost comfort, Abec 5 Bearings and Ground Control Frames and Anti-Rockers.



  • Comfortable
  • Easy to ride
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Little on the heavy side
  • Wheels somewhat small and bad
  • Don’t always fit properly

5. Valo V13 Maroon Aggressive Skate Valo V13 Maroon Aggressive Skate

This aggressive inline skate makes a bold statement with color. This skate has a simple but durable hard boot construction.  It has memory buckles and comes with ultra rugged Valo frames, wheels and bearings. Most importantly it comes with anti-rockers in order to give it a perfect concave effect. This allows you to grip and hold onto rails better and easier. It also has a lightweight one-piece soul plate. Runs small so you will want to size one up.



  • Great  Valo  boot
  • Great soul plate material
  • Removable skin



  • Thin
  • Weight
  • Space between soles w/o skins
  • Distance from foot to frame

How to Buy the Best Aggressive Inline Skate

In order to make your aggressive skating experience more enjoyable, you should follow certain criteria. This will give you the support, comfort, and protection you desire. Also, it will make performing tricks easier, and you won’t be held back by your equipment. You want the durability that will allow you to keep your skates for many years to come.

Because of the abuse that comes along with aggressive skating, you will want to pay special attention to these aspects:

  • Boot fit
  • Soft shell vs. Hard shell vs. Skeleton shell
  • Liners
  • Styles/Brands of frames
  • Standard or anti-rocker wheels
  • Bearings
  • Durability: Moderate, medium or high

Aggressive skates are not meant for speed and going fast. The different designs are for different levels of skating. Moderate skates are for the beginners who will not beat-up their skates. Medium skaters have minimal wear and tear, and the high skaters need extra durability for the roughness that comes from gnarly tricks. Also, for info on skates for flat or wide feet click here

The outer shell of the boot holds the lining which is important for doing tricks. There are different boots and liners. It all depends on the skill of the skater when determining which boot is best.  Skating styles are as different as the boots and linings are.

Where to Buy has a great selection of aggressive skates. There are different styles, colors and builds and you can find them all at Amazon.  Here you can find what you are looking for. It has size charts, reviews, pictures and pros/cons.

If you find a skate you like, then you can follow a link to a specific page that will allow you to get a more in-depth look. You can look to buy on other sites, but Amazon will give you the best in selection and price.


There are different types for different skill levels. For beginners, there is the Razor Cult Street Aggressive Skates. For middle-of-the-road skater, there is the Razor Genesys 11 Aggressive Skates. Finally, for the expert skater there is the Valo V13 Maroon Aggressive Skate.

Size and Material

Sizes are different with each individual skate. Some will run smaller, some larger and there are the ones that are a true fit. Along with size, there is the outer boot material: Hard, soft and skeleton. Again it all depends on the degree of aggressive skating you will be doing.

Foot Type Diagram

Skate Brands

There are many brands, and each has a ‘specialty.’ Whether it be size, material or your level of skating. Here skates can crossover, so you will have to be diligent in finding the right pair for you.

Do your research and actually go to the specialty shops and try on the skates to help you with your decision. Don’t leave it up to ‘dumb luck.’ Your wallet will be better off for it.

Best Aggressive Inline Skates

You now have enough information to get you going on the right track for your skate purchase. Finding the right pair for you will take diligence on your part. Hopefully, I have given you the right amount and type of information to get you on your way. This is not a hard push, but more of a gentle shove and hopefully in the right direction.

Finding that perfect rail or awesome skate park is the easy part. Finding the right skate, not so much. Take your time in finding the perfect skate because chances are the rail or skate park are not going anywhere soon.

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