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Best Hockey Skates for Flat and Wide Feet 2017

Having wide feet can make it tough to find the right pair of hockey skates. There are many different brands creating hockey skates, not all are made for those who are flat footed. When you are playing hockey, you’ll want to have a pair of skates that is comfortable. Luckily, there are certain skate companies that are catering to skaters with wider feet.

Finding a great pair of hockey skates for flat feet is critical. Below, you will see the picks for the best hockey skates for wide feet. In addition, each pick will have the pros and cons for each entry. In addition, there is an awesome buying guide below.

This guide will help you to figure out what really matters when selecting your next pair of hockey skates.

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Top 5 Best Hockey Skates for Flat/Wide Feet

Our Picks Model
1 (Top Pick) Bauer Nexus N7000
2 Bauer Senior Nexus 4000
3 Ccm Rbz 50 Mens
4 Bauer Senior Vapor X300
5 (Aggressive Skate) CM Tacks 3052 Senior

1. Bauer Nexus N7000 Ice Hockey Skates Bauer Nexus N7000 Review

The entire Nexus line of skates is made with flat footed individuals in mind. A common problem with most hockey skates is that they are too narrow to be comfortable. You’ll enjoy the entire redesign of the classic Bauer skate, with changes made to accommodate a wider foot.

Lined with hydrophobic microfiber, these skates will help keep your feet dry through those longer skating sessions. The foot bed of this skate is made with a Form-Fit material with an added stabilizer grip. Overall, the Bauer Nexus skate offers unmatched room and flexibility for those who have flat feet.


Wideness of Skate – Bauer made the Nexus line specifically for wider footed individuals. There is far more foot room in these skates than in the other Bauer lines.

Lightweight Materials – The Nexus N7000 aren’t just easy to carry, they also feel very light while skating in them. The materials in the Nexus skate are still strong enough to effectively protect your feet while skating.


Not Great for Narrow Feet – If you have more narrow feet, this skate will most likely feel a bit too wide to wear.

2. Bauer Senior Nexus 4000 Skate 

Bauer Senior Nexus 4000 Skate

The Bauer Nexus line makes another appearance on this list, but this skate has its own unique qualities. This skate is a model designed for those wanting a deeper fit. Known as a Deep V, this specially designed skate features a deeper heel pocket.

If you’ve had a favorite pair of house shoes, where your feet sink deeply into the material, you’ll get an idea of how comfortable these skates are. However, don’t think that the comfort of these skates takes away from them being durable. The Bauer Nexus 4000 offers an amazing amount of room but the deepness of the insert may feel too deep for some.


Durable – The Nexus 4000 has a brushed nylon liner and a TPR outsole, never sacrificing comfort for protection. You won’t find this skate wearing down quickly; it has been made to withstand normal wear and tear.

Deep-V Design – This pair of skates is tailor-made for those wanting a deeper more form-fitting feel to their skate. You will feel like your feet are sinking down into the skate itself, exceptional for extra long hockey games.


Sharpness of Blades – A few customers have reported that they went somewhere to have their blades sharpened on this skate. However, this isn’t a requirement but rather a matter of personal preference.

3. Ccm Rbz 50 Mens Ccm Rbz 50 Mens Review

Made with a durable nylon quarter, the RBZ 50, made by CCM, offers supreme protection. The nylon lining of this skate gives it a great overall feel. The outer sole of this skate has a lower profile, giving it the maximum transfer of energy while skating.

CCM’s exclusive footbed design has been formulated to add extra padding to the RBZ 50. These skates aren’t as wide as the Bauer Nexus line but still provide a great amount of comfort for those with flat feet. In addition, the E-Blade runner offers increased range, a feature not seen on Bauer skates.


Comfort Felt Tongue – The design of the tongue on the RBZ 50 skates allows for a more snug fit and reduces lace bite. Lace bite occurs when your boots are too restrictive, creating a painful sensation that runs down the lower leg.

E-Blade Proformance Runner – You’ll find this blade on many great pairs of skates, and it’s great to have it on the RBZ. This runner helps you to maximize push off, ensuring you are able to gain immediate traction and a quick speed boost.


Hard to Find – The RBZ 50 can be tough to find in stock. If you do see these skates available, consider getting them before an out of stock issue occurs.

4. Bauer Senior Vapor X300 Skate

The Vapor line of skates made by Bauer is a great choice for those who have flat feet. While not as wide as the Nexus line, the Vapor X300 still offers plenty of comfort. Made of tech nylon with an x-rib pattern, this skate is extremely durable.

Foam ankle padding is placed within this skate to help avoid those annoying ankle blisters. Additional stability built into the heel and ankle mean you won’t find that your feet are wobbling down the rink.


Heat Moldable – The Bauer Vapor skates features material that molds to your unique foot size. Your body heat will generate a perfect form-fitting mold every time.

TUUK Blade Holder/Runner – Offering superior support, these TUUK components will have you feeling extra safe while skating.


Not As Wide As Nexus – If you have wide feet, the Nexus skates do have the widest design of all Bauer skates. However, the Vapor still offers a supremely form-fitting skating experience.

5. CCM Tacks 3052 Senior Ice Hockey Skates  (Great Aggressive Skates)CCM Ultra Tacks Review

The CCM Tacks 305 are a lower-priced skate, but they certainly don’t sacrifice quality. A nylon AttackFrame Quarter will have these skates holding up well after the toughest of skate sessions. Range of motion is a critical concern when purchasing a good pair of hockey skates.

The CCM Tacks 305 features a Speed Blade 4.0 holder, allowing you lean more freely. In turn, this increased range will allow you to handle crossovers better without falling. Cutting and turning in these skates feel great.


Raised Blade – The specially designed blade holder on this skate allows for improved flexibility when skating.


May Require Adjusting – A few customers reported that they needed to sometimes adjust the skate, This can definitely be slightly bothersome.

Hockey Skate Product Buying Guide

While any skate could feel semi-comfortable for a few minutes, remember you will be wearing these for long periods of time. It is recommended that you select a pair of skates that are specifically made for wider feet. In most skates you will see an EE sizing, this is another way of saying that this skate is made to fit more widely.

It’s important to note that sizes are relative to the brands creating the skate, there is no industry-wide sizing chart. Form fitting technology has grown in popularity. Wide-footed individuals will greatly benefit from finding a skate with heat moldable capabilities. The Deep-V design of the Bauer Nexus 4000 creates an especially comfortable skating environment for flat feet.

One popular brand for skates made for those who have wide feet would be Bauer. One of the most well-known skate brands around, Bauer has included the Nexus skate into their product line. The entire line of Nexus skates has been created to accommodate skaters with wide feet.

In addition, the Bauer Vapor line of skates, while not as wide as the Nexus, is still a great choice for a comfortable skating experience. However, Bauer isn’t the only brand who caters to those who have flat feet. CCM is another skate brand that has made great innovations for those of us with wide feet. Namely, the Tacks 305 and the RBZ 50, both made by CCM, offer both durability and flexibility.


Having wide feet doesn’t mean that you have to be uncomfortable playing hockey. Bauer has created multiple skates designed to give wide feet the room that they need. Specifically, the Nexus line offers the widest actual skate of all entries. However, CCM is another brand that offers comfort and protection for flat feet. No matter which brand you choose, there are a few important aspects you’ll want to have covered.

Comfort is of the utmost importance when selecting a hockey skate, as some skates will feel far too snug. Instead, select a skate that has been made for wider feet, as these also have other important features for flat-footed people. Increased stability will be found on wider skates through specially designed blade holders.

The TUUK brand is heavily featured on this list because they create the kind of stability that those with flat feet need to have. Overall, any skate on this list has been made to provide the comfort and stability you need to have a great time while playing hockey!

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