Monday, 6 March 2017

Bauer Supreme 190

Bauer Supreme 190

The Bauer Supreme 190 ice skates are a part of Bauer’s high performance, competitive ice skating line. The 190s are a moderately priced shoe with an efficient, high-quality design. If you are looking for a pair of skates to up your game, but you are still on somewhat of a budget, the 190s will serve you well.

The Bauer Supreme 190s work well for improving your performance. The Tuuk Lightspeed Edge paired with the Tuuk LS3 Stainless Steel runners provide a precise and balanced feel to them. Another perk of this runner and holder combination is their ease of use. The 190s make it easy to change blades when they have become dull.

As for comfort, the Supreme 190s offer padded luxury. The tongue is crafted using a set of FormFit 3 52 ounce three piece felt. This will prevent lace bite and reduce the force from a wayward slapshot to the foot. The inside lining of the 190s is Hydra Max, a moisture reducing comfort padding. The lightweight vented composite which makes up the outsole is designed to keep your feet cool during play and practice.

Here is a complete list of the 190s specs:

  • 3D Anaformable Curv composite boot construction
  • Hydra Max inner liner
  • Lightweight vented outsole construction
  • Form-Fit footbed with stabilizer grip
  • Form-Fit 3 52 ounce three piece pro felt tongue
  • Tuuk LS3 Stainless Steel
  • Tuuk Lightspeed Edge
  • Weight: 790 grams
  • Warranties: one year – holder, 90 days – runners, 90 days – boot

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