Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Roller Derby Men’s Sting 5500 Quad Roller Skate

Roller Derby Men's Sting 5500 Quad Roller Skate ReviewThese are another great set of Roller Derby roller skates. Designed to be light and maneuverable, these high performance roller skates are just that.

The upper boot is a lightweight micro tech material that has a memory foam inlay, which means that they will keep whatever shape best suits your actual foot shape.

The RTX 6000 Pro Frame is made from aluminum, so is lightweight and strong. They have an adjustable 5/8-Inch toe stop, which always a much welcomed feature, making breaking safe and easy.

The 58mm wheels are made from urethane and so offer a mix of high performance speed with long lasting wear. The only drawback to these wheels is that they are a little tough, so don’t offer the best level of grip of all the Roller Derby skates on this list.

The ABEC-7 race bearings are again designed for higher end performance, making these a great choice for beginners as well as intermediate skaters. Great as recreational skates and for disco rolling, these skates really look the part, while offering a good all round skating experience.

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