Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Chicago Men’s Rink Skate

Chicago Men's Rink Skate

If you are looking for a set of good quality skating boots that comes with plenty of ankle support then these are the ones to consider. They are a bestselling quad skate that won’t cost you the earth either.

Another beginner skate, they have laces that tie up all the way to the top of the boot, giving you all the support you will ever need, and so are ideal for those of you worried about damaging your ankles.

For a beginner boot they are pretty maneuverable, mostly thanks to the aluminum base plates adjustable truck that makes turning nice an easy. The urethane wheels are also pretty good and certainly will be long lasting.

You can use these boots both indoors and outdoors though they might take a little time to break in properly. They are really well made so will stand hours and hours of punishment without ever missing a beat. The aluminum design also means that they are nice and light, which of course is a bonus for all of those who want to do some serious skating.

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