Monday, 13 February 2017

CCM Tacks 3092

CCM Tacks 3092

The Tacks 3092 ice skating shoe by CCM is another good example of a quality recreational shoe. The shoe boasts good performance and comfort for the amateur and lower level player. If you are looking to play for fun and enjoy yourself on the ice, then the 3092s are a good option to choose.

The boot is constructed using a synthetic tech form for comfort and stiffness. The stiffness of this boot will help to transfer every unit of energy from your legs to the ice. The one-piece SpeedBlade design will keep maintenance simple, but also does not allow you to switch blades as easily if necessary.

Inside the boot, two-tone brushed microfiber lines the foot for comfort and support. The footbed follows the standard CCM comfort footbed design. The tongue is made from 7 millimeter felt with lace bite protection. Overall the Tacks 3092s are a good boot for their price, and they offer good performance.

Here is a list of complete specs for CCM’s Tacks 3092:

  • Synthetic tech form boot construction
  • Two tone brushed microfiber liner
  • Injected outsole construction
  • Standard CCM footbed
  • 7 millimeter felt tongue
  • Speedblade Pro one piece holder and runner set
  • Warranty: 90 days


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