Monday, 13 February 2017

Easton Stealth RS Ice Skates

Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate

The Easton Stealth RS Ice Skates are a pair of high quality, high-performance ice skates. These skates are the best product to enhance hockey performance. These shoes were made to provide an experienced skater with the precision and durability necessary in a highly competitive environment. These skates are made for comfort and power with the skater in mind.

Easton made comfort a priority on the Stealth RS. The RS features the new comfort edge technology. At the top of the foot opening, the edge is designed to provide comfort during tight turns and hard stops. The edge does not dig into the ankle during these high-performance maneuvers reducing discomfort and abrasions.

Inside the shoe, Easton placed more padding near the heel and on the tongue. The extra padding on the tongue is helpful for collisions or taking a puck to the laces. This additional padding also completely prevents any lace bite you may experience on other skates. The RS also comes with three different sized arch inserts. Depending on foot shape and preference, any of these three inserts will provide the best support.

The RS were also designed to deliver a high-performance experience. The shoe provides enough forward flex to get the most out of every stride, while also providing enough stiffness to support the foot. The tendon guard on the back of the shoe provides support the foot during hard strides and difficult maneuvers. In addition, the RS skate is highly heat moldable. In general, the RS works better for more high-volume, wider feet, rather than a pair of narrow feet.

The Easton Stealth RS skates are a high-quality, best product for any ice skater to use. They are dependable and durable, allowing you to be on the ice without worrying about losing performance or destroying a new pair of skates. Any skater can turn to these skates and find a trustworthy boot and quality matched by few others. The Stealth RS is the best product you can find on the market right now.

To summarize, here are some of the Easton Stealth RS most important features:

  • Exceptional heat moldability
  • Three different arch support inserts
  • Extra padding on tongue for protection
  • Stiff quarter panel for added performance
  • Injected tendon guard for support during strides
  • Lightweight design

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