Monday, 13 February 2017

CCM Ultra Tacks

CCM Ultra Tacks ReviewThe CCM Ultra Tacks ice skate is a pair of shoes designed to deliver comfort, power performance, and style. Made by the Canadian hockey manufacturer, CCM, the Ultra Tacks are a world class ice skate. If you are looking for a skate that can provide high-level performance without losing comfort or style, consider purchasing the Ultra Tacks.

The Ultra Tacks incorporate heat moldable materials and padding to ensure a customized comfort fit. The inside padding is made from TotalDri comfort liner to reduce moisture keeping your feet dry all throughout the game or practice. The 7-millimeter tongue is crafted from TriTech Pro felt to protect from lace bite and a stray slapshot.

The Ultra Tacks use Speedblade 4.0 holders in conjunction with Speedblade Black’s as runners. The boot is constructed from the stiff AttackFrame 2 carbon composite for added power and boot control during intense, high-level hockey play. The stiffness and heel cup provide each player with high-speed capabilities. Overall, the Ultra Tacks are a great shoe for players who are wanting to really up their performance and win more games.

In addition to comfort and performance, the Ultra Tacks feature a sleek black design with yellow accents.

Check out this list of the CCM Ultra Tacks complete features:

  • AttackFrame 2 carbon composite boot construction
  • TotalDri Liner with Durazone Abrasion Resistor
  • Carbon composite outer construction with vented exhaust
  • Air System footbed
  • TriTech Pro 7mm felt tongue
  • Speedblade Black runner
  • Speedblade 4.0 holder
  • Warranty: 90 days

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