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Graf Skate Review 2017 – What are the Best Graf Skates?

If you actually searched for Graf skates then you’re probably a pretty hardcore hockey player or maybe you just like the buy the top of the line gear; which is exactly what Graf is.

A quick web search about Graf Skates won’t reveal that much for a few reasons. First, they are based in Switzerland and don’t really sell to the US market. Second, their primary market is professional and NHL teams who are looking for the highest quality skates.  Graf doesn’t really promote itself online and doesn’t even sell on Amazon really.

Graf skates are for sure second to none. They are extremely well crafted and last a lifetime. Think of them as the samurai sword of hockey skates.  Many hours go into each skate and they aren’t mass produced in some Chinese factory.

I’d suggest Graf skates for anyone who:

  1. want a pair of skates they can literally use forever
  2. professional player or aspiring to be one
  3. wants a pair of skates designed for serious explosive power.

Grafs are definitely more expensive than your typical pair of skates, but like I mentioned if you want superb quality, design and especially blades than I’d seriously advise you to get a pair.

I’ve personally had a pair of the GRAF G735 Overload for five years and use them three times a week with no issues.

So in this article I’m going to break down my top five choices for Graf skates to help you decide which one is best for your skating ability/goals/budget.

Here is the sizing chart for their senior skates.

diagram showing the sizing chart for senior Graf Skates

Best Top of the Line – GRAF PEAKSPEED PK7700 SENIOR (Good white skate for serious athletic performancefor Wide Feet)

Yes, they are expensive but these are actually the go-to skates of nearly a quarter of the NHL teams right now (according to Graf). The PK 770 is made of composite material that is locked into place. It’s extra light which mean it offers extremely fast acceleration.

The runner uses titanium non-coated plates. These plates allow for 10 foot radius meaning aggressive stop, turns and cuts are enhanced by the design.

Some of Advantages:

  • Flex Fit Collar for enhanced agility
  • Double stich Ankle Support
  • Anti-bacterial lining
  • Titanium Runners
  • Comes with a holder and replacement runners
  • Top Cap is steel plated for direct puck contact
  • The arch is moldable with a brushed microfiber interior for great comfort.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 6 Month warranty

If you can afford it the PK7700 is the top of the line skate used by a lot of pros. I’d recommend this Graf skate for anyone looking for serious performance, agility and long-term durability.

GRAF G735 OVERLOAD SENIOR ICE HOCKEY SKATES (Runner black skates with a neon green topUp)

Ok, so the last one. The G735 are a great final choice if the ones above didn’t suit you. As a senior skate this is one that can definitely be used for a lifetime. If you’re an old geezer like myself these skates offer a really beautiful fit. For anyone who knows the feeling you get when you try on a pair of skates and just know they fit perfectly – these are the ones.

I think that has to due with the quality interior stitches and the way the heel is designed. Just the right blend of composite materials to make the G735 great for wide feet, novices and also experts.

This is also very much so a performance pair of skates. The microfiber quarter panels allow you to utilize serious power in each stride.


  • Anatomically correct interior design hat offers 3d Liner to keep your foot from moving
  • Tongue support to keep it from moving
  • Lace design keeps it from moving around
  • Texalite Outsole provides some great power transfer and rigidity throughout the skate
  • Laser Cut Stainless Runners

Best Value Junior Skates – GRAF PEAKSPEED PK2200 JUNIOR black skates with titanium runners and a nice heel design SKATES

The PK2200 is the cheaper, more affordable and junior sized skate version of the 7700. It has a lot of the same design features as its big brother with some toned down specs and modifications. The biggest difference between the two is the stitching and the blade quality (from my opinion).

These are a also a good pair of skates to get for novice athletes or someone who isn’t looking for the extreme performance provided by the PK7700.

I got my son a pair of these two years ago and he has used them since. They are a quality pair of skates at a very reasonable price. Again we see a high standard in Swiss skate design.

  • Advantages:
  • Multi Layer Quarter Panel for high level performance.
  • Optimized Fit (fairly snug)
  • Stainless steel runner
  • Toe protection for direct impact
  • Anti microbial
  • Moldable Arch Support
  • Replacement Runner

Here is the sizing chart for all junior models. 

chart showing the sizing chart for graf junior models

GRAF PEAKSPEED PK4400 (Best Mid Range Option) Graf skates for junior hockey players

These are a step between the PK2200 and the 7700. I choose this one second as they are a bit pricey but they provide a lot more performance and support for more seasoned athletes.  The blade design is higher quality and its designed to be lightweight yet strong.

The one feature of this skate I really liked is the heel lock design which maximizes speed and allows for a really tight fit.  This model also uses a titanium nano-coated runner so the blade quality is exceptional.

Full disclosure – I haven’t purchased this pair yet, but speaking with a few people who own them I know they are a quality choice.


  • Heel Lock for max speed.
  • Asymmetrical design stop the shifting of the tongue so it stays in place all game.
  • Flex Fit Collar giving better range of motion
  • Replacement Runner
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Protection on toe area.
  • Stay Dry Liner
  • Moldable Arch Design

That’s it those are all your picks. There are more Graf skates to choose from, however, those are the ones I’ve used and recommend.

It’s important to remember with a product like Graf you’re getting skates that will last a lifetime so the amount of money you will have to spend initially isn’t much when you break it down in a per year basis.

Also another point I should mention because of the titanium skate design I haven’t had to sharpen my skates that much over the last 3-4 years which definitely ads up itself and could easily equate to the original price.

Let me know if you guys have any questions and I’ll be glad to help.

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