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Bauer Supreme Total One NXG Review

The two most popular sports today, football (soccer) and basketball, require a small amount of gear. Mostly, they will just require a uniform, shoes, and a bit of protective gear (shin guards for football and mouthpiece for basketball). The same cannot be said for ice hockey. Ice hockey players should have full body armor, hockey stick, helmet and the venerable skates.

Hockey players and enthusiasts aim to have the best equipment available so that they could compete well. That being said, every hockey player should scrutinize each part of the gear that they are getting. With a lot of gear comes a lot of responsibility and one faulty part of the whole can mean failure in the rink.

One of the most identifiable items known in the hockey world is the skates that are used by players themselves to move around the rink and towards victory for their team. Skates, specifically hockey skates, are one of the most essential parts of the gear as your mobility depends on the skates that you’re wearing.

There are many types and brands of hockey skates around the world. It may be intimidating, especially for novices, because there are too many choices out there. As the saying goes, too many choices paralyze us. This paralysis of analysis is usually remedied by seeking out the trusted brands of ice hockey skates. Bauer Hockey is one of the trusted brands in the market right now. They have been serving the interest of ice hockey players since 1927. Its longevity is a testament to the enduring confidence of their consumers with respect to their products. One of their products is the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG.

Why buy the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG?

For the material and fitBauer_Supreme_Total_One_NXG_1

As any ice hockey player/enthusiast knows, baking is a natural part of the process in fitting skates. For the unaware, skates are put inside an “oven” to be heated and fitted afterwards. Baking is done to soften the skate thereby making it easier to be molded. This results in to a better fit.

The Bauer Supreme Total One NXG is made up of composite materials. This means that baking would be easier as the material chosen is optimal for such operation. Better baking conditions mean that this one of a kind product will have better fitting with any player/enthusiast. Also, the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG is shaped to mimic the dimensions of the feet, thereby making it more fit for its wearers. The guys at Bauer call this the Curv™.

The twin features regarding the material being used ensure that the fit is optimal, boosting the performance of nay hockey player that is wearing the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG


For being lightweight and flexible

The Bauer Supreme Total One NXG is touted to be lightweight. Advance in the design, such as the patented flexible tendon guard, enables the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG to shed off some unnecessary weight and be flexible amidst the rigors of the rink. Even the runner, the metal part that touches the ice inside the rink, is lightweight. The runner is composed of high-grade aluminum, which is a lightweight metal. Also, the composite material used all throughout this product cements its lightweight reputation without sacrificing durability. As you can observe, Bauer likes to use materials that are light weight.

Ice Hockey is a demanding game. This, in turn, demands a lot from the athletes that plays the sports. While in the rink, hockey players are always expected to make split second decisions all throughout the game. This entails flexibility, and Bauer Supreme Total One NXG gives its users the edge because it gives flexibility.


For the Agility

All the advantages mentioned above will tend to produce the next advantage that will be discussed; AGILITY. Agility is an essential advantage to be had in hockey game. To score, you must outrun (or outskate) defenders in order to shoot the puck inside the goal. Likewise, defenders must keep up with the forays of any attacker in order to defend the goal.

As mentioned above, Bauer Supreme Total One NXG’s lightweight nature ensures agility for its wearers. The composite nature extends to the outsole, which results into more power directed to the ice, making each stride a forceful one and enhancing the agility of this already fast skate.
The Bauer Supreme Total One NXG is a masterpiece to behold. The technology used producing the different materials used are fused together in a way that they are in harmony with each other. As mentioned above, this hockey skate puts a premium on fit/comfort, agility, flexibility and quality.

How much does it cost?

About the only thing you could complain about the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG is the price. Some had commented that its asking price may be too much. One website pegged the price at 360 US dollars (494 Canadian dollars). There was even one website that listed the price at a whopping 849 US dollars!

The price may be too steep for some but you should not skimp on quality gear. If you want an excellent performance the rink, you can consider the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG as a possible candidate.

Where can I buy the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG?

It’s quite easy to buy the Total One if you live within the USA and Canada. Bauer Hockey Stores are spread throughout the two countries. If you’re unsure about the location of the nearest Bauer Hockey Stores, go to and use the store locator built in the website.

You can also acquire the Bauer Supreme Total One NXG through online shopping but going to a physical stores is till your best bet because you can see the actual product firsthand and the solicit the advice of the store staff. This advice will matter more for first time buyers. Online stores like Total Hockey, Perani’s World and Sporting Goods have the Total One NXG as part of their stocks.

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